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Take Care of Your Hair

Taking care of your hair means choosing the best products for your needs. Evryone's hair is different and finding out which products to use can be a time-consuming process. That's where the professional stylists at The Salon at Westchester can help. If you really want to change the way I look, choosing the right shampoo and conditoner is a good first step to making your locks, healthy, shiny and managemable.


Healthy hair starts with clean hair and a clean scalp. There are many types of shampoo and you want to make sure you choose the right one for your hair. The Salon at Westchester offers a range of shampoos for normal, oily and dry hair, as well as special products for color-treated, permed or straightned hair. For curly hair, we offer Mixed Chicks. If you're flaking, we have products that can help alleviate this condition. And, just because the products are professional grade, doesn't mean their expensive.


After you shampoo your hair, it's essential to use a good-quality conditioner if you don't want your hair to be limp, frizzy or dry. Conditioners put back the essential oils and ingredients that shampoos can strip from your hair. Using the correct conditioner and shampoo (not necessarily the same brand) ensues that they work with each other, instead of against each other. Talk to one of the professional stylists at The Salon at Westchester to see what works for you. 

Other Products

After your hair is cleansed and conditioned, you'll want to style it if you truly want to change the way I look. The Salon at Westchester offers a range of products that will not only help you achieve the look you want, but offer protection from the harsh North-Eastern summers and winters. 


Sometimes your hair needs some extra TLC. The Salon at Westchester offers a range of in-salon and take-home treatments that can make your hair healty and shiny. Whether it's adding nutrients to eliminate frizz, or blending a variety of compounds to add moisture and vitamins, our professional staff have both the knowledge and skills to  make your hair look its best.

Why Should You Use Professional Haircare Products and Shampoos?


Do you buy your bread at the tire shop? If not, why do you buy your haircare products at the grocery store. Companies that manufacture professional haircare products spend millions of dollars every year on research, and test these products on real humans. They also back their products with a comprehensive guarantee that ensures quality, freshness and useability.. Almost all professional haircare companies offer a toll-free number to answer your questions.




Most drug store shampoos have a higher PH level than the professional shampoos that you purchase at the hair salon. While you may think this doesn't matter, shampoos with a high PH level can dry out your hair and scalp. This often results in itchness and flaking. While some generic shampoos do make your hair soft, they do it by coating it with wax. Others make it shiny by using silicone which does your hair absolutely no good.

Keratin shampoo 3 sizesWhat Are Sulfates?

Every shampoo has a cleaning agent in it called a surfactant. Most generic shampoos have high concentrations of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate (ALS), because they are extreamly cheap and make lots and lots of bubbles. While some professional shampoos do use these ingredients, they use these compounds in smaller quanties and use more natural products that can revitalize your hair instead of damaging it.

E-CURE treatment

E-Cure Treatment

The e-CURE Treatment  S-series was developed in order to answer our clients' overwhelming demand for us to produce a shampoo that would work perfectly with the M-3.2.*

S-1 Orange
S-2 Grapefuruit
S-0 Unperfumed

The major factors of S-series:
• Non-silicon
• Contains only the finest ingredients
• Hydrating
• Gentle on your scalp, skin and hair

This particular series was created with the emphasis on only picking out the ingredients that are known to be good for the hair. It does not contain silicone or any other ingredient that coats the hair. Thanks to the fruit extracts that were added for increased moisture and hydration, there is no need to follow up with a conditioner.*

*Works best when diluted with M-3.2 in a 50:50 ratio.

* Those with severely damaged hair may want to use a conditioner.

Shinbi Shampoo for straightned hair



SS is for chemically straightened hair.
Natural plant proteins and sugars restore polypeptide chains, enhance manageability,and prevent frizz for softer hair while maintaining straightness.

Vegetable and silk protein molecules are smaller and penetrate beneath the cuticle layers easily to prevent curls from rebounding, as well as to fortify the integrity of damaged hair. Raffinose sugar has proven much more effective than other sugar components in similar products on the market. Raffinose sugar not only blocks excess moisture that causes frizz, but is also resilient to heat from blow-drying and ironing.

Milbon for damage hair


Damage caused by chemical treatments is distinct and different depending on the hair type. So the correct combination of NIGELLE AX shampoo and treatment is doubly effective, leaving hair healthy and beautiful from the roots to the very ends.

Available 3 types:
S - for fine hair
A - for normal hair or coarse hair
B - for curly, frizzy hair or Heat damaged hair

Mixed Chicks, cleanses hair

Mixed Chicks

Mixed Chicks shampoo gently cleanses your straight, wavy or curly hair leaving your hair full of lustern. Improve the health of your hair by using other Mixed Chicks hair products including condition & detangle along with style & control.