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Advantages to Permanent Hair Straightners

There are many different types of straightners on the market today. all of them work. The problem is that many of these products contain formaldehyde. All of the straightners used at The Salon at Westchesters are 100% formaldehyde-free and gentle on your hair.

We offer several types of straightners. Some reducethe frizz while leaving your natural curl intact. Others soften your curl and reduce frizz. And some, eliminate all the frizz and curl. At The Salon at Westchester, you choose how much curl remains. Regardless of what you choose, you can be sure that only top-quality products are used. Straightners are an easy way to change the way I look.


Hassle free hair that's easy to style.

Cut blow drying by 50% to 100%.

Reduce or eliminate frizz.

Make your hair easier to manage.

Your hair always looks great all the time.

Lasts for months and months.


The Benefits of Permanent Hair Straightening

Despite what you see in movies and magazines, most women do not have gorgeous, poker-straight hair; and those that do, certainly don’t wake up with it looking that way first thing in the morning.

keratin hair straighten treatment

Most women work hard to achieve this look. That means getting up early and putting a lot of heat and product on their hair. While this does help them change the way I look, all that heat and product can damage their hair if they do this everyday day.

Apart from the potential damage, most women have better things to do with their time. Think about what you could do with an extra 30-40 minutes every day. And, the worst part about this, is that when you achieve the results you want, it's easily undone by sweating, wind or humidity.


The easy way to control your  curls and frizz is to get your hair permanently straightened. A lot of different systems and techniques have been released over the past few years that control the amount of curl that's removed, while still eliminating all the frizz.All of the systems used by The Salon at Westchester are 100% safe and formaldehyde-free.

Model Program, save money


Most systems treat your hair with chemicals and apply heat to seal the product in. There are several steps:  washing the hair; applying the chemicals; and, straightening small sections of hair one at a time. Depending on the system chosen, the entire process takes from one to four hours. While this may seem time-consuming, it's nothing when you think of how much time you'll save every day and how great your hair will look afterwards.