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Top Hair Salon for 2013


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Voted Best Hair Salon in Westchester 2013 

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Best Hair Colorist in Westchester

The Westchester survey poll conduct by the IHQ9000  (International Hair Quality Standards Committee) found that 9 out of 10 Salon clients were extremely pleased with the results achieved by The Salon staff. The one person who disagreed with the survey, shaves his head himself, so it's hard to convince him to do anything but grow it.

Hair color is available over the counter. Unfortunately, drug store color is not the same as professional color. many of the OTC colors have alcohol and alcohol and hair color do not mix well. And, if things go wrong, or you want to change to professional color later, it's difficult for a professional hairdresser to advise because there are so many hair color manufactures. Here at The Salon, just minutes from Ardsley, Armonk, Purchase, and Greenwich, we offer clients professional salon services everyday including Sunday. So, if your hair color needs help, call us. We are just north of NYC and next to New Rochelle, NY. Mention Change the Way You Look and SAVE.

Best clip extensions, a great way to change your look

Best Clip in Extensions

Looking for a fast fix on a fixed budget for hair extensions. We have several options. You can purchase the from brands like Raquel Welch, Paris Hilton, and others or you can get it done professionally. At The Salon in Westchester, which is located in Scarsdale, on the Eastchester, Yonkers, Tuckahoe and Bronxville, we have extensions starting for less than the do-it-yourself prices. And since all are staff are salon professionals, you'll get the best possible value. We stock all colors and textures to ensure you can have hair the same day.



Keratin treatment, for a better look

Keratin Treatments 

With so many Keratin Treatments on the market, we can help you and customize a treat to achieve your desired results. If you have a curl and just want to remove some frizz and make it more manageable we can achieve that. Or if you just want to be able to have hair that is wash and wear you can achieve that. 

With every process there may be side effects: such as uncontrollable playing with the hair, Hair that give you a more sliming look, Hair that make you look younger.

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From simple deals online, to the personalized deals need to accommodate your busy lifestyle. The Salon can "Deliver Great Looking Hair "every time.

Some of the packages Include Blowdrys Series for local events. We help support our community in the ways that brings beauty and style to Eastchester, Scarsdale, White Plains, Greenwich, Rye, Armonk. We even have the clients that travel in from NYC upper eastside. These are also location we frequent with our at home services. For your Wedding, Bar Mitzvah (Hebrewבר מצוה) and Bat Mitzvah (Hebrewבת מצוהor christening, we are there for you and your hair.