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Are You a Candidate for LLLT?

The Salon at Scarsdale was one of the first salons in Westchester to use low level laser therapy (LLLT) as a treatment for hair loss.

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After LLLT Program

 Many people experiencing hair loss can benefit from this nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment therapy. The ideal candidates for LLLT include:

 • Men or women who have hereditary male or female pattern hair loss

 • Men or women who expect to be affected by male or female pattern hair loss

 • Men or women currently using prescription or nonprescription hair loss treatments

 • Those who have had, or plan to have, surgical hair restoration

 • People experiencing medication-associated hair loss, from chemotherapy or other medications

 • Men or women who have illnesses that have caused them to lose hair

 • Women who are experiencing or expect to experience post-partum hair loss.

The best candidates are those in the early stages of hair loss; although we have seen dramatic results on people in the later stages. In our detailed evaluation of patients, we determine whether they have sufficient hair follicles that can be rehabilitated by the laser’s stimulation.

Can Low Level Laser Therapy Help You?

If you’re hair is thinning and you’re wondering what to do about, think about Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) that was developed in Europe to increase a client’s hair volume and improve the health of the hair shaft.

Low level laser hair therapy is a revolutionary, non-invasive breakthrough for both men and women that helps achieve thicker, fuller, shinier and healthier looking hair.

With low level laser hair therapy, Low level laser therapy treatments utilize a device containing up to 92 therapeutic soft low level light lasers which delivers light energy directly to the scalp.

What is Low Level Laser Light Therapy?

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Low level laser light is compressed light of a wavelength from the cold, red part of the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. It’s different to natural light because it’s one precise color; it is coherent (travels in a straight line), monochromatic (a single wavelength) and columnated (it concentrates its beam in a defined location or spot). These properties allow it to penetrate with no heating, damage or known side effects.

The Benefit of Low Level Laser Treatment

Increases the blood supply to the scalp by 54% after a single treatment.
Stimulates hair follicles.
Stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of patients.
Increases hair strength and elasticity.
Gives you fuller, shinier, softer, thicker hair.
Repairs damage caused by chemical services.
Proven Technology

Low Level Laser Light has been used in Europe for more than 30 years and has been the subject of over 2,500 scientific papers. There are no reported side effects.

Who is the Best Candidate for Laser Hair Therapy?

Anyone experiencing hair loss. Even if you’ve just started losing your hair, LLLT can help you. In fact, the less hair you’ve lost, the more effective the treatment.

Is Laser Hair Loss Treatment Safe?

Absolutely! Low level laser hair therapy meets all international safety standards and legislative specifications of a “non-significant risk” product.

The energy produced by the photons does not have the thermal component to cause thermal injuries to participants. Laser light energy does not change or alter molecular structures.


How Soon Will I See Results?

It usually takes 10 to 15 treatments to see anything. Some patients have reported hair growth after 10-12 treatments. Others have reported stronger and hair and fewer strands in the drain.